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2021 Year in Review
So another year has come and gone.

This was not the best year. We started the year with a severe hard drive crash that took weeks to recover from. After that, the year was spent on the search over ℚ(√2) (subfield 3). This search should be complete within several months. A single search seems like a small accomplishment, but I should point out that this is a gigantic search that just several years ago seemed out of reach.

Other than that, in November support was added for Intel GPUs. The app worked for the most part but performance was disappointing. We look forward to the new Intel Arc GPUs coming out this year which should perform much better.

Thanks everyone for your contributions and have a wonderful New Year!
1 Jan 2022, 20:27:19 UTC · Discuss

Happy Holidays

(Image courtesy of NDMathematicsVN)
21 Dec 2021, 14:55:40 UTC · Discuss

Support for Intel GPUs
I just added support for Intel GPUs. There are 2 versions - 64 bit linux and 64 bit windows, both require openCL 1.1 or higher.

I don't have an Intel GPU, so I can't test them. But it's the same openCL code that works on other GPUs, so in theory they should work. For the linux version, it was just a matter of downloading the Intel openCL SDK and then linking against Intel's include files and libraries. For the windows version, I cross compiled using mingw64 as I do with AMD/Nvidia cards.

Since they are new and untested, I made them beta apps.
17 Nov 2021, 22:57:27 UTC · Discuss

Finally recovering from hard drive crash.
The crash was so bad that the database could not be repaired. The first non-corrupted backup was 2 days old. Restoring from there seems to have worked but there are probably issues since it will be out of sync from results that get returned.

I pushed the deadline back another 4 days for any outstanding WUs to give people time to return them, but anything issued 2 days prior to the crash will not be in the database so I am not sure how that will play out.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
26 Jan 2021, 22:45:59 UTC · Discuss

2020 Year in Review
The 2020 shit show has come to an end. Here are the NumberFields highlights for the year:
1. The miscellaneous tables were completed. Except for the {2,5} case, this gives the fields for all
imprimitive decics ramified at {p}, {q}, or {p,q} for all primes p < q < 13.
2. Finished many of the lower tiers for the search over ℚ(√-10) (subfield 7).
3. Completed a few more batches for the search over ℚ(√2) (subfield 3), essentially leaving the final monster batch. At our current rate, this batch will take approximately the first half of 2021 to complete.
4. The CPU apps (for 64bit machines) were improved to give an average speed increase of about 35%. Improved GPU apps will be rolled out in the near term.

Thanks everyone for your contributions and have a wonderful New Year!
1 Jan 2021, 18:12:28 UTC · Discuss

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