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Server acting up
You may have noticed, connection to the server has been intermittent over the last day or so. That's because it has been rebooting itself randomly.

System logs pointed to either a bad port (or MoBo), bad SATA cable, or bad SSD. We think we narrowed it down to a bad Mother Board. We swapped the SSD into a new server and it appears to be working again, but we are watching it closely.
17 Jan 2019, 23:02:44 UTC · Discuss

User consent required for stats export
If you want your stats exported, you will need to check the consent box on the project preferences page.

In a couple days, the stats export mechanism will be changed, and if this consent is not given, then the default will be to NOT export your stats.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this was necessary due to the recent GDPR regulations.
12 Jan 2019, 17:01:00 UTC · Discuss

Server upgrade
I just upgraded the project server, including the web code. Things appear to be working properly, but please report anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!
8 Jan 2019, 18:48:56 UTC · Discuss

2018 year in review
Here are the main achievements for 2018:
1. We created a new app to find all septic (degree 7) fields with discriminant less than 200E6. This search took about 6 months to complete and extended the previous best discriminant bound by a factor of 40. Many new degree 7 fields were found and added to the database. We are currently in the process of having the results published.
2. The decic app completed the largest search to date over Q(√-2), dataset 13x271. The decic app also completed a bunch of smaller searches over the lower discriminant bounds for Q(√-5).
3. We made some progress on a GPU app. We now have a multi-precision library (thanks Dan!) and I have started looking into how to port some of the pari functions. This is not a trivial problem and still expect it to take at least several more months.

Happy New Year everyone!
1 Jan 2019, 19:53:45 UTC · Discuss

New record for the decic app
The decic app has completed its biggest search yet, the one over Q(√-2), dataset 13x271. This batch had almost 5 million WUs. Total run time summed over all hosts was 2890 years. It unearthed a total of 148 unique fields. Good job everyone!
8 Dec 2018, 16:20:26 UTC · Discuss

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