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1) Message boards : News : Should the fixed credits be higher? (Message 2846)
Posted 22 Jun 2020 by Luigi R.
My GTX1060 daily gets about:

7k on NumberFields (CreditNew on May)
560k on PrimeGrid PPS-SV
150k on PrimeGrid AP27
260k on SRBase TF
270k on AmicableNumbers

Besides, CPU subprojects pay my i5-4590 20-30k on PrimeGrid/SRBase, about 5k on NumberFields.
So, yes, you could increase fixed credits by a factor 3 or 4, at least.
LLR apps are very efficient though. Maybe you are right to only double fixed credits.
2) Message boards : News : Moving to fixed credit (Message 2782)
Posted 23 May 2020 by Luigi R.
Very very good news! Thanks.

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