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Posted 4 Apr 2019 by Profile Cruncher Pete
I disagree. Payment should be for the work done in searching - the same number of credits for the search task, whatever the device used.

GPUs will win out vastly in the number of credits awarded per unit of time - per second, per hour, per day, however you choose to measure it. Your own statement that you've found more candidate values since the GPU app was released confirms that you're conducting more searches. Good on you - that's your reward. You don't need to be compensated twice - once for doing more searches, and again for doing searches on a different device.

I disagree with you Richard. In deed I am not sure what you are saying in your first sentence. Are you saying that we should get the same credit weather we use a CPU or a GPU? Your statement "whatever device used" seems to indicate that.

For a bit of background, I joined SETI before any other project was running. Currently, I have dedicated 16 High Powered computers purely for Scientific Research each with one or two GPU's. I stopped running SETI when research into the subject of "credit new" indicated that it is an unfair basic system to follow as is pro Personally by the number of projects that refused to use credit new.

Personally, I paid for my equipment and have dedicated them for Scientific Research, I became a credit whore since the creation of credit new and will crunch any legitimate project that is Scientifically orientated that gives the best credit. Are you serious and wish to move a goal post again during the game by changing the number of credits for each task weather you are using a CPU or a GPU? I don't understand.

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