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I am Denis, French engineer, living in the UK. I love science and hope my computation time will help in discovering something!


BOINC is a finalist for an notable award, and needs your vote (*by Sunday)
The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is a United Nations-sponsored initiative aimed at harnessing the potential of information and communication technologies to build inclusive and equitable information societies worldwide. BOINC has been nominated for a prize at the 2024 forum, and has passed initial hurdles; the next and last step ("Phase 3") requires public votes. The award would be a very nice boost and validation for BOINC and all our projects; if we can get our communities to vote, we should have a decent shot at this point...

Voting is pretty simple, takes just a few minutes; instructions are here.

(*The deadline for votes is Sunday: 31 March 2024, 23:00 UTC+02:00)
26 Mar 2024, 15:49:23 UTC · Discuss

server maintenance
Just a heads up, the server was upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu this morning.

The database seems to be crashing every so often with an error about exceeding max connections. Bear with me as we look into this.
19 Jan 2024, 23:40:14 UTC · Discuss

2023 Year End Summary
2023 was basically a good year. The main achievements were:
1. Competed 100% of subfield 3.
2. Got subfield 7 to the point where it is essentially complete.
3. Completed several rows of the subfield 6 table.

Going forward we will continue chipping away at subfield 6. Meanwhile, the last remnants of subfield 7 have been farmed out to Gerasim.

Thanks everyone for your contributions and have a wonderful New Year!
1 Jan 2024, 21:41:36 UTC · Discuss

Subfield 3 Officially Complete
I am pleased to report that the search over ℚ(√2), also known affectionately as "subfield 3", is now officially 100% complete.

This search has been in the works, off and on, for several years. It goes without saying that this is a major computational achievement. We couldn't have done it without all the volunteers, so I thank you all!

The batch status tables have been updated accordingly with subfield 3 moved to the archives. The results of the search can be found here.
23 Jun 2023, 6:41:29 UTC · Discuss

Batch Plan
Some of you may have noticed, the search over subfield 7 DS16x11 is coming to an end, and you are probably wondering where we go from here.

We are going to start by making a quick detour to subfield 6 and start the search over DS11x12. The only reason for doing this is to keep the WUs consistent for the BOINC Pentathlon (timing stats for the 2 searches are very similar - WUs average about 2 hours on my CPU)

After that we will go back to subfield 3 and finish that search once and for all.

Then it's back to the final part of subfield 7, and then finally subfield 6.
12 May 2023, 5:18:15 UTC · Discuss

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