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Born 17 March 1973 in Charlotte, NC. First got into DC'ing in 2001; BOINC represents a quantum leap above what we did then. I work on various...


New subfield search
As you may have noticed, the search over ℚ(√2) (subfield 3) has started to slow down and waiting for results is like watching paint dry. At the current rate it will probably take over 10 years to finish that search. In the interest of making progress, I have decided to start the search over subfield ℚ(√-2). This is the 4th of 7 subfields for the set {2,5}. We will continue to process subfield 3 in parallel, but at least we will be able to maintain progress on other subfields for the overall goal of this project.

The hope is that I can find time this year to develop a GPU app that will help to speed up the search. Of course I've been saying this for years...
4 Mar 2017, 17:03:58 UTC · Discuss

2016 year in review
I meant to send this just before the new year, but the boards were down. Better late than never...

Last year was a productive year for NumberFields@home. To summarize our accomplishments:
1. Last May the bounded app completed its multi-year search. It found all imprimitive degree 10 fields with absolute discriminant less than or equal to 1.2E11.
2. Then in July a special search miraculously found the hypothesized field it had been searching for. This search had been running off and on for about 10 months. This field was an A5 extension of Q(√421), ramified only at 2. You can read more about it on this post:
3. The regular decics app spent the majority of the year on the final tier of "Data Set 11" (those WUs with DS-11x271 in the name). You may have noticed on the batch status page that this subsearch is just about done - a really big milestone. The search will continue with the higher tiers over Q(√2).

Thank you to all our volunteers who made 2016 such a successful year!
14 Jan 2017, 23:24:12 UTC · Discuss

Upgrade to latest BOINC server
You may have noticed the forums have been down for almost a month now.

This was mainly caused by an upgrade to PHP7. After trying everything else, we finally decided to upgrade the BOINC web code.
10 Jan 2017, 16:04:35 UTC · Discuss

implementing SSL on the server
I enabled SSL on the server, but it seems most browsers don't like the current certificate, so we are still working on getting that resolved.

As a result, you may experience issues trying to access your account. In my case, I got an obnoxious warning, but was able to proceed to the accounts page. It seems that the site still has full functionality; but please let me know if this is not the case.

20 Aug 2016, 0:52:22 UTC · Discuss

Status Report
The boards have been silent for several weeks now so I thought a status report might be in order.

This has been a productive year so far. First, the bounded discriminant app completed it's search several months ago. Then, about a month ago, the search over Q(√421) miraculously uncovered a special field that was only hypothesized to exist - this field alluded us for many months but in the end we found it.

We have since returned to the decic search over {2,5}. It is currently on the last tier of data set 11 (of 16). The ETA on this set is about 160 days. As we wait for this batch to complete, we will periodically pick some of the low hanging fruit that is left on a couple of the other data sets. See the batch status page for details of the remaining batches.
8 Aug 2016, 1:08:01 UTC · Discuss

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