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My name is Kaloyan Banev, I am born in Bulgaria, but living in Thailand wife and my son. I am SEO practitioner and webmaster since 1999, founder of...


I will be going on a 2 week vacation starting in a couple days. Internet access will be spotty, so I apologize in advance for any delays responding to the boards.

The rest of the project is fully automated and there is plenty of work in the backlog, so no worries there.
5 Nov 2019, 20:46:18 UTC · Discuss

New GPU OpenCL versions available
I just deployed the windows AMD openCL version as a beta app. I will monitor results for errors, but please report any strange behavior.

I also deployed newer openCL versions for AMD linux and Nvidia windows. The openCL code had a couple minor tweaks; nothing major.
3 Nov 2019, 4:36:57 UTC · Discuss

Batch plan
I know some of you like to know the batch plan, so here it is...

Batch 13x270 is nearing completion for subfield 3. After that, we will spend a week or two picking some of the low hanging fruit on subfield 7. Then it's back to subfield 3, batch 13x271. This is a very big batch, so I expect it to last until the end of December, possibly into January.
9 Oct 2019, 0:33:36 UTC · Discuss

Entering Final Phase of Subfield 4
The final batch of subfield 4 is starting to rear its ugly head. This beast has 1.6M work units averaging about 2.5 hours a piece (on a 4GHz cpu).
7 Aug 2019, 16:22:24 UTC · Discuss

new GPU app versions
I was noticing a slow down with the GPU app versions on the 15x271 data set. I found the problem - a large fraction of the discriminants were exceeding the hard coded precision. When this happens the GPU kicks it back to the CPU to handle. As a result, the GPU spent more time idling as it waited on the CPU to finish the task. A side effect of this was that the WU would also use almost an entire CPU core.

I increased the hard coded precision and tested on the troublesome data sets as well as the newest 16x271 data set. The issue seems to be fixed, but please report any unexpected behavior.
7 Aug 2019, 5:39:56 UTC · Discuss

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