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Entering Final Phase of Subfield 4
The final batch of subfield 4 is starting to rear its ugly head. This beast has 1.6M work units averaging about 2.5 hours a piece (on a 4GHz cpu).
7 Aug 2019, 16:22:24 UTC · Discuss

new GPU app versions
I was noticing a slow down with the GPU app versions on the 15x271 data set. I found the problem - a large fraction of the discriminants were exceeding the hard coded precision. When this happens the GPU kicks it back to the CPU to handle. As a result, the GPU spent more time idling as it waited on the CPU to finish the task. A side effect of this was that the WU would also use almost an entire CPU core.

I increased the hard coded precision and tested on the troublesome data sets as well as the newest 16x271 data set. The issue seems to be fixed, but please report any unexpected behavior.
7 Aug 2019, 5:39:56 UTC · Discuss

firewall black listing
It has come to my attention that some users have been black listed by the university firewall system. This usually means that the volunteer cant download tasks or even connect to the website.

We are currently looking at ways to reduce the firewall restrictions so this will stop happening. In the meantime, the work around is for me to request the IT department to white list an IP address on an individual basis.

If you or someone you know is experiencing connection problems, please let me know so I can have them added to the white list.
27 Jul 2019, 2:07:06 UTC · Discuss

Batch Status Update
I have archived the completed batch status tables to their own page - the link is at the top of the batch status page. This should help to clean up the main batch status page.

I have also added a table for the final search over {2,5} (subfield 7). The immediate goal is still to complete sf4, followed by sf3, but I will be dropping in some small batches for sf7 periodically to help set the stage for the future search over sf7.
13 Jul 2019, 23:04:24 UTC · Discuss

Subfield 5 almost complete
As you may have noticed, subfield 5 is nearing completion. In the next few hours the last of the work units will be sent out. Of course it will still take ~2weeks for the final results to trickle in before it's officially complete.

This is a huge milestone! This subfield was originally estimated to take over a year to complete. Due to the new optimized apps (including GPU apps), this was completed in just several months.

We will be moving on to subfield 4. But first we will make a short detour and finish off subfield 6 DS7. Don't let the ~2.5mil work units scare you. These were generated for the old apps, and would have taken about 2 hours a pop, but with the newer apps they should be about 10x faster. That means we should blow through about 350k work units per day. If this turns out to be too much of a strain on the server, then we will jump straight to subfield 4 (and run sf6 DS7 in parallel).

Thanks everyone for your contributions! We couldn't have done this without our volunteers.
16 Jun 2019, 16:38:42 UTC · Discuss

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