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scott safford* ("i'm a construction worker with a bad computer hobby")
Star65* ("")
stoloo ("強~い マイク屋さんが、スパイシー。 IR推進法案")
Sajjad Imam* ("Member of the "Sicituradastra." team, participating in multiple projects. Originally from...")
Steve Dodd ("Crunching for The Planetary Society since May, 1999. Love chasing after badges and RAC :)...")
shiva ("Hello I'm Rick I live in western Kansas about 60 miles from the center of the USA. I'm a...")
Steve Hawker* ("I've been crunching since 2012 and the more I do, the more I like it. I try to crunch...")
SEARCHER ("Hi all. I'm a 58 Years old Male from Ludwigshafen/Germany and my Occupation is Technical...")
Skywalker TSBT ("The Mad Hatter of Crunching!! The Force is strong with this one!! Go TSBT!!")
Skyman ("Greetings from Odessa, Ukraine!")

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