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Jeff17 ("I work in information technology. My primary interest is in the mathematical projects, but...")
Jerzy_Przytocki (" ")
JLSchro* (" Cruncher... sailing, some Scuba.... photo..")
Jun ("Hello! I'm student from Korea. Have a nice day!")
John Hunt (" Confirmed bachelor born and bred in Leicester, Paradise of the Midlands, UK. Hobbies...")
jcuervo ("")
Jill ("I'm a cartographer, working as a drafter and mapper for a survey company in Northern BC. I...")
JHAPA ("Funny guy from Prague... IT spec Q9400, X4 640, i5, i3 and other stuff to crunch")
JayPi2 ("Besides hiking and skiing in the Alps I am traveling around the world. Now I have visited...")
Jaxis ("Great Falls, Montana")

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