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Duke of Buckingham [Black Sheep] ("Come to team SETI.USA and crunch Numberfields and many other BOINC projects. Visit our...")
df910105 ("Welcome to join us DC Club ")
Dario666 ("I am Dario666 and I caculate only on CPU. I'm not sick :) ")
Dunuin ("I'm Björn and was born in Hamburg (Germany) in 1986 where I'm currently living. Apart...")
dcushing ("Retired USCG communicator")
DrLingCN ("Much to learn you still have. -- Master Yoda")
Duncan ("I am from New Zealand but live in Australia I have just had a son name James Henry (named...")
David (" Hello I am David (1978) from the french part of Switzerland (near Montreux), working...") ("Лучшие игры для...")

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