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Arsen Salamakha ("27 years old Java developer from Lviv, Ukraine! Keen on everything connected with research...")
Alan E. Monroe ("HR Professional from Illinois, USA. I have been crunching off and on since 2000 for the...")
admin ("English teacher in China trying to become a trader of the financial markets.")
allbrandstechy ("Hello! I am a techy who also manages the best Mesa, AZ Car & Truck Repair Shop ! I...")
akor ("Chords or tabs for every song are not easy to find. There are many chord sites, but as a...")
ARTIVIVK MIG872 ("AYUSH Hospital means a healthcare facility wherein medical/surgical/para-surgical treatment...")
andresmoore ("​Discover the temples of Angkor in Cambodia and learn photography at the same with a...")
Amber L ("A girl working from home with many hobbies. I love to donate some of my CPU time to several...")
Ahmad Youssef ("I am a web developer and editor currently living in Egypt. My interests range from...")

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