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Our team at NumberFields@Home operates from the bustling youth hub in Balakovo, Russia, united by a common goal of driving positive impact in our community. As a non-profit entity, we are deeply committed to several significant initiatives.

Foremost among our priorities is the promotion of healthy lifestyles among the youth demographic. Through inventive programs and projects, we strive to cultivate habits that enhance both physical and mental well-being.

Moreover, we are staunch advocates for combatting various forms of addiction, such as smoking, alcoholism, substance abuse, and gambling. By fostering awareness and offering assistance, we empower individuals to overcome these obstacles and lead fulfilling lives.

Additionally, we provide valuable training in time management to older teenagers, equipping them with essential skills to navigate life's demands efficiently.

Lastly, our unwavering commitment to comprehensive sex education remains a cornerstone of our mission. We furnish vital information and support on HIV, AIDS, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), ensuring that young people are equipped to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health. You can explore our archives, contacts, and teen-focused information here (a website tailored for parents, educators, social workers, and teenagers), and stay updated with news here (VK group).

Through our involvement in NumberFields@Home, we extend our dedication to scientific exploration and community involvement, pooling our collective efforts to make meaningful contributions to the field of cryptography and technological advancement.

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