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Turk Fortune is a Turkey-based boutique international investment immigration and legal consultancy firm that provides customized services to individuals and companies. As a transparent and independent company, Turk Fortune makes it easier for clients to tell about their actual situation and reveal their personal goals, which is a crucial characteristic in a lifestyle-changing field such as legal consultancy and citizenship by investment.

Turk Fortune understands how hard it can be for individuals to take a step out of their comfort zones. Similar to Newton's first law (inertia), which states that every object will remain as it is unless compelled to change by an external force; people tend to remain in their current situation. Inertia is in our nature, we are all born in the culture of our nation, where everything is familiar, safe and usual. It feels normal and good so that while we spend most of our lives working to improve its quality, we never think of searching for a place where it is already better designed for our needs.

In a commercialized and competitive world, where it is considered normal and even encouraged to change your bank to another one that offers better interest rates or to upgrade your car, why is it still considered unnatural to upgrade your life? Just like a plant growing towards the light, or just like birds immigrating to warmer places, it is natural for us to search for more suitable conditions for different aspects of our lives. When there is an opportunity presented by another country that offers a better fit for us, why do we skip it just because it is unusual to others?

Choosing to immigrate to a better place should be welcomed, just like moving your assets to a new bank that offers better interest rates. Turk Fortune understands that it is just about you, not about your origins, not about denying or leaving your roots. It is just a better opportunity that you did not want to miss out on. It is just a gift to yourself, the next generations, to your business. It is your life, your legacy and your choice to keep more time to yourself by changing your perspective and not stand still to waste your time over trying to move an immovable rock. We all have one life, so why donate it to a government that does not directly provide you with the conditions and options in the way you need?

To change the perspective and encourage individuals and business professionals, one of the most trustworthy service providers in the market, Turk Fortune, offers customized services in Turkey. Online consultation regarding Turkish Citizenship by investment program, representing clients during purchasing or selling properties as a foreigner, opening a bank account, establishing or acquisition of a business, business management, or filing lawsuits in Turkey are among the services of Turk Fortune.

Services of Turk Fortune make it easy to understand and follow for its clients across the globe, thanks to their clear, transparent and honest character. Since 2018, they have worked with families, entrepreneurs and individuals with different needs and unique stories. According to them, clients’ positive comments and mutual trust are what kept them in the business, especially when there is too much competition.

One of the most preferred services that Turk Fortune presents are legal consultancy and representation during the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program. Since the investment thresholds were dropped in September 2018, the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program has been the leader among the other citizenship by investment options. Currently, there are several international investment options for applicants, whereas the most popular option is to purchase a property at least for $400,000 and hold it for at least 3 years. The fact that it is an actual property investment with no donations to the government and that there is neither a residency condition nor a language-learning requirement made the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program irresistible for those seeking opportunities.

On the other hand, with the program mainly formed around property purchase, many construction companies started to enter in the business, offering free citizenship consultancy or pre-arranged packages. Certainly, with the increasing number of service providers whose focus is to sell a specific property, the importance and need for a consultancy firm who actually on the side of foreign investors have increased.

In this regard, Turk Fortune always stayed independent of construction companies, agencies, sales offices and any third parties to protect mutual trust and transparency with no hidden agendas. Without seeing foreign investors as buyers and by always staying up to date, team members at Turk Fortune; who are mostly certified attorneys of the Turkish Bar Association; always received positive feedback from clients, have been recommended to others and are considered as family members by their clients.

According to client testimonials, Turk Fortune has changed the profile in the business, by always welcoming clients in a friendly and honest manner, regardless of their origins and actual situations, with always putting Turkish hospitality in front. With no hidden agendas, no paying extra to consult someone in charge, and no wasting time with a company-based hierarchy; Turk Fortune team is determined to change the game in the field of citizenship by investment and in all their service fields.

The founders of Turk Fortune thinks, “This is a newly enhancing field that is based on getting beyond the limits and borders both in investors’ minds and governments’ structures. We prefer to be open, transparent and accessible at all times to our clients, as the nature of this lifestyle should be.” “Each client comes with a unique story, we listen to their situation and try to form a customized solution according to their needs, by forming a customized team of market specific experts, real estate agents, lawyers and accountants. This is in fact why we do not offer packaged programs to our clients.”

As a leading consultancy firm in the international investment and legal immigration sector, Turk Fortune has managed to see the true nature of the field, interiorized the mindset of clients, managed to detect the issue and solve it point by point, while at the same time welcoming clients to the beautiful and diverse Turkish culture that offers various opportunities.

What makes Turk Fortune’s services shine out is that they are highly personalized, as life itself. The company ensures that clients feel safe and welcomed among sector professionals, especially during a life-altering phase in their life. Therefore, they form their scope of services based on their clients’ future plans.

About Turk Fortune

Turk Fortune is a boutique consultancy firm where every client is treated equal without time-consuming bureaucratic steps. Apart from their client satisfaction rates and recommendations, Turk Fortune team is reputed for their sincerity and faithfulness among clients and international business partners. The company has two offices, in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey, where they offer their services both to international and domestic clients.

To learn more about Turk Fortune and their services, visit or check their YouTube channel, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For any queries, reach out to them by sending an email to

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