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College field football and Table football Reviews and academic achievements

Whether we are talking about field football or table football it is undeniable that the academic achievements of the players are affected by their play, here we take a look at different field and table football reviews to determine just how far the effects go.

There are ongoing debates between the athletic and academic departments of education about their effects on one another and just how much athletic programs should be implemented into the academic program. With athletic departments claiming that they do not have negative effects on student's results whilst the academic departments beg to differ, we take a closer look.


The most common sport among students in schools is football with the highest interest amongst students it is the most common sport for students to be keen to participate in. Although there are positives that element from being a part of the football team such as a team spirit, communication, extended support, and leadership skill development as well as physical and general health contributions, could it be possible that it is not such a positive path to take?

Research has been conducted and it was found that in the winning seasons of football the academic achievements from both male and female students were ultimately less than the ‘losing’ seasons of football. There could be a couple of reasons for this connection however the most likely is that the attention of the student is pinned onto the football and winning the game, in the winning season college football is also known to come alongside parties and celebrations. Assuming that this is where the higher percentage of drug and alcohol use amongst men, in these seasons stems from, it can show a negative effect. When a student’s mind is not solely focused on their academic studies results will be lower. Although it can be argued that the academic achievements are only less with the male percentage of results and so could be argued is not the main reason, the fact that the winning season statistics remain stable into the following spring season holds ground that the reason is due to football and the attention which is put onto the success of the team. As an athletic coach, it is a natural conclusion that the attention would go into the performance of your team and it’s players. Encouraging to spend more time in the gym or practicing rather than completing the necessary homework or research which is needed to pass any academic course.

As an academic teacher, your focus is on the results of the exams which means preparing the students throughout the year for the different elements of the expected exams. Adding importance to the research and reading conducted at home rather than practice for the football team. Within the research conducted it was shown that students who were not members of the football team but already receiving lower academic grades also contributed to the overall lower academic grades in the winning season of football. The suspected reason is cause for distraction rather than committing themselves to extra study they are participating in football-related topics.

However, on the other subject of table football, otherwise known as foosball, it is shown that positive relations are stronger amongst the academic results than those of field football. The reason for this could be first, the physical demand is far less than that of the game of field football. Whilst still incorporating the positive aspects such as team playing, leadership development as well as focus. Foosball is a game that can be played in free time, free period, and encourage an enthusiastic atmosphere which in turn can contribute to positive attitudes towards the academic subjects. With foosball, there is also very little to none risk to physical injury, unlike in field football where the risk for physical injury is very high. Not only risking breaking a leg but studies show a high percentage of those who participated in college football later suffered from poor mental health or mental illnesses such as memory loss, aggression, and comprehension. If these effects can come later then there is a high chance that this is also what contributes to the poor results within their time at college. Retaining the information and subjects learned may be harder if having constant physical pressure put on your head.

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