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Why Replacing a Damaged Windshield is Important?

The windshield is an essential part of the vehicle that is responsible for keeping you safe inside. But in case if you drive with a damaged windshield, it can pose risk to the passengers inside as well as to the people around you.

Damaged windshields can cause serious accidents. When they are not glued well or broken from somewhere; they can pop out during a collision. At the same time, the windshield provides structural support to the vehicle. Reports reveal that cracked or improperly installed windshield can lead to collapse of roof. Experts reveal that windshields ensure structural integrity to the vehicles. They ensure complete protection during rollover accidents.


Windshields are made up of two glass layers that are bonded together using a solid vinyl layer. Due to this dual bonding, even if the windshield breaks, the vinyl layer keeps it in one place. Usually, if this layer is not present, the shards can harm everyone in the car. In short, windshields play a very critical function; hence, they should not be compromised on any point. It is important to replace the faulty windshield as soon as possible to ensure complete safety of passengers.

Why it is good to replace broken windshield fast?

There are so many reasons to replace your broken windshield quickly; few of them are listed below:

  • It is commonly observed that if windshields get cracked on the edge, the crack may spread quickly to the rest of the area as well. In case, if the broken part is yet restricted to smaller area, the windshield can be repaired. But if the crack has grown big, it is important to replace the entire shield. If you try to repair the larger crack, it may cause more distortion to the glass. Such distortion is dangerous to any degree.
  • The decision about whether the crack must be repaired, or the windshield requires replacement is highly dependent on size of the crack. In case if the size of the crack is quite big, it is important to go for replacement. Experts advise replacement of windshield for any crack that is bigger than 12 inches.
  • When the windshield has a very deep crack or it has multiple cracks, it is better to replace the entire shield. Such issues may occur when the car undergoes a major collision. The deeper cracks may weaken the structure of the windshield and may affect the integrity as well. Hence, it is better to look for expert assistance to replace the broken windshield fast.

How to replace the windshield?

The windshield process is quite easier, and it needs lesser time to bring the vehicle into normal condition again. However, it is better to hire professionals to complete this replacement task. The technicians first start by replacing the weather stripping that is made up of rubber material. This stripping helps to hold the shield with the car frame on the glass edges. Secondly, they remove the exterior trim. After that, the adhesive coating is applied to the windshield frame edges. It ensures safe and easy lifting of glass from respective place.

The cost of a windshield replacement is considerably small. You will be happy to hear that some insurance policies also provide coverage to this replacement task. In case if you are not able to decide whether the windshield needs repair or replacement, it is good to ask professionals. Experienced teams at Aero Auto Glass follow most trusted and reliable techniques to replace your broken windshield. You can also ask them in advance for the estimated cost of replacement. Experts also advise checking your insurance policies in advance to make most beneficial purchase. Make sure they cover windshield repair and replacement.

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