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Description Rosetta: the first images of Philae lander-player Philae was offered quite a walk above the comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. After two rebounds and nearly two hours of walking, the machine is immobilized through without being secured, and with one leg in the air. But he speaks, it works and sends pictures. A montage to show the position rather uncomfortable, Philae, placed on the comet. One of the three legs do not touch the ground. © ESA / DLR At the conference of the ESA in Darmstadt, officials of Philae and its instruments had all the air tired to explain what has happened since the release of Philae, the lander Rosetta yesterday, an event followed live on Futura-Sciences and relive (see chat bottom of this article). Is that the small craft prevented everyone to sleep playing the daughters of the air. As we explained this morning after the first analysis of the descent of Philae, harpoons have not responded to the order of discharge, while the propellant back was broken, malfunction detected before the drop. Result: no bracing. Touching on a very loose soil and a gravity low, the lander bounced like a student pilot flying a small plane. In Darmstadt, engineers received the signal of touch and saw the light signal Touchdown (touch). Already applause, smiles and hugs. But in the back of the room, certain soon saw the signal indicating the received power separated solar panels fluctuate. In red, the target site. In blue, the area where Philae finished his wanderings. Between the two, more than a kilometer. Engineers and scientists have spent a lot of time to determine the best site, which was named Agilkia, Philae but decided otherwise.
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