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1) Message boards : Cafe : Anyone giving away or selling a Raspberry Pi cluster? (Message 3700)
Posted 4 May 2024 by Abruraspingi
I don't have any Raspberry Pi's for you but I've seen that you've posted this on basically all BOINC forums.

What is it you want a Raspberry Pi cluster for¿
2) Message boards : News : Batch Plan (Message 3696)
Posted 29 Apr 2024 by Abruraspingi
I can see that DS14x8 has started

Are we jumping ahead or just mixing things up? Either way I think it's a good idea.
Quick wins are good and it gamifies the system more meaning we get that dopamine hit when a batch is completed so we want to crunch more and don't feel deflated
3) Message boards : Number crunching : What does 0.91CPU mean? (Message 3675)
Posted 7 Mar 2024 by Abruraspingi
create an xml file called app_config.xml inside of the project folder

I use the following where I run two tasks at once on my GPU


You will have to do this for each project
This is just an example and depending on how powerful or the type of GPU you can do multiple tasks at once
1 = 1 task
.5 = 2 tasks
.25 = 4 tasks

You can get more information here
4) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU computation (Message 3671)
Posted 4 Mar 2024 by Abruraspingi
Your Account > NumberFields@home Preferences

Select Edit Preferences

Tick the box 'Use AMD GPU'

This will allow you to crunch AMD WU's
5) Message boards : News : 2023 Year End Summary (Message 3625)
Posted 6 Jan 2024 by Abruraspingi
That's excited and with the Gerasim BOINC challenge being completed recently I'm sure that we've chipped away a good amount of WU. Here's hoping to a successful year ahead
6) Message boards : Cafe : Goodbye for now! (Message 3622)
Posted 2 Dec 2023 by Abruraspingi
You could always crunch using your CPU, not as effective but still an option
I even crunch using my onboard Intel GPU sometimes, usually when I'm low on other CPU tasks
7) Message boards : Cafe : New Business Card Design to promote BOINC and NumberFields@home (Message 3586)
Posted 27 Sep 2023 by Abruraspingi
Great work, I like these flyers and I'm glad that you guys get the word out there
8) Message boards : News : Future of the Project (Message 3572)
Posted 13 Aug 2023 by Abruraspingi
Ever since I heard that this project was lacking support I've done a big push to get a lot of WU's completed.

I've been pushing for the rest of my team mates to get involved as well and we've pushed it quite a bit.

I'm always happy when a BOINC project runs out of work as it's been completed

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