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1) Message boards : News : New and improved apps coming soon (Message 2913)
Posted 13 Nov 2020 by M0CZY
Will you be able to create a new faster app version for 32-bit Linux, for those of us still using older hardware?
2) Message boards : News : GPU app status update (Message 2367)
Posted 6 Apr 2019 by M0CZY
I just deployed the new cpu apps. Version 3.00. Feel free to abort any WUs associated with the older versions (2.xx).

My 32-bit Linux machine is still using version 2.12.
Are there plans to release version 3.00 apps for this platform (and 32-bit Windows)?
3) Questions and Answers : Getting started : My account disappeared! (Message 2113)
Posted 7 Dec 2018 by M0CZY
A few years ago I had an account here with the username M0CZY, and I had earned several thousand credits.
I have been inactive for several years, but when I tried to attach a computer to this project I found that no trace of my old M0CZY account exists, and I had to create a new account.

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