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Posted 18 Jun 2020 by skylaar
In the past I did not worry about credits per day but recently I started working with Gridcoin in which this project is one of the whitelisted projects. Most of the whitelisted projects are similar in the RAC/Magnitude that develops over time but does also increase with lower user counts. I have a personal quest to get projects to 1M points and I did that with this project but then it fell lower on the list of priorities to get to 5M because the RAC was much lower than others in Gridcoin. As previously suggested, you may have to spend some time running other projects on your machines and put the tasks into a spreadsheet to see what they are averaging at the task level per second or minute. Then see what changes you could make to line up with that. Someone suggested PrimeGrid or there is also Asteroids and Amicable Numbers to compare to.

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