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Posted 1 Apr 2019 by The Sarge
I think the current adjustment in credit is fair, and within the range of other projects I support. Not the best, and not the worst, and to me, still worth the resources I contribute.

On that point, I’ve read other discussions about the purity of science and the view that somehow GridCoin, or other reward mechanisms, sully the aims of science. Balderdash! I’ve been a supporter of Seti since 1999, well before the advent of crypto rewards. Further, I think it’s fair to say that science, and financial, or other material backing, has a long (if less than pure) history.

Supporting projects and furthering science is one of my aims. If I can be rewarded something of value in return, then what’s the harm of that? That value comes in the form of satisfaction for contributing to research, as well as a crypto that could very well end up being worth nothing. Either way, I am spending cold hard cash as it were, on electricity bills, and have been, going back some 20 years now.

I suppose I could have just opted to buy crypto outright, and with my electricity bills (in the range of $200-$300 a month), owing in part to a small contingent of computers (9 at present), I’d have considerably more currency than I do now. But then, it’s my choice. And more research is done. Again, where’s the harm in that? Suffice to say that without the financial incentive of crypto, I’d be contributing less compute power to projects than I do now. Some, but not at the level I do now. It might not even be rational to contribute as much as I do instead of investing or saving that money, and yet I do it anyway.

I trust that doesn’t make me a horrible person, nor GridCoin and its ilk, into some sort of pact with the devil. It’s a choice, and I’ll not cast aspersions on those who do it for strictly altruistic, or love of the science, reasons, or on those who hope there is a financial reward, or something in between.

I do agree that a greater exposition on the science of the project would be beneficial, so that potential contributors, and non-mathematicians like myself, gain greater insight and understanding. Mind you, not having that won’t stop me from contributing at this point, since I also value the passion and effort that went into this project, and others like it, and that is worth supporting, as, and while I am able.

Take care, be well, and happy computing.

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