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1) Message boards : News : GPU app - beta version for linux nvidia (Message 2208)
Posted 23 Mar 2019 by 10esseeTony
First, YEAH!!!!! A new GPU project! Cool and thanks!!!!

Driver version 4xx.xx (at least for winblows) is the first driver to include support for the 2000 series RTX GPUs, and at least initially, it severely hampered the performance of the 10-series cards. I do not think many of your 10-series users will be willing to try a 4xx.xx driver version anytime soon.

EDIT: I decided to do my homework (AFTER I have already run my mouth :D ), and perhaps just the first few 4xx.xx drivers hurt the 10-series, I guess I will be updating my driver now to find out for myself. :)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : NF is this week's Formula BOINC's Sprint (Message 2171)
Posted 14 Mar 2019 by 10esseeTony
Well done Mr. Eric Driver, Sir, for keeping up with a sudden demand due to a competition. :) Well done indeed!

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