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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Need more Time! (Message 1661)
Posted 15 Apr 2016 by MaynardVizzutti
[...] i am running a task for 3 days now and it just does not finish.

Welcome to the project!

This is not unusual with some work units. I have processed several such units, as have many other volunteers. The first 80% or so goes pretty fast, then progress slows greatly. I have spent a day or two on the last 1% of a unit.

In almost all cases, the built-in deadline grace period is long enough to cover the completion of the work unit, and when it's not, the project administrators are very accommodating about awarding appropriate credit for lost time.

I predict your work unit will complete normally on its own. If it goes on for several more days, you might want to mention it again here.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Qsqrt421_DS3x8 15+ hour running time? (Message 1612)
Posted 25 Mar 2016 by MaynardVizzutti
I also have seen this as of today. One WU consumed 373,000 CPU seconds and another 184,000 seconds, but both were granted 4,069 credits.

As long as I'm here, let me compliment the project. This project has a very good level of communication and friendly responsiveness from the administrators, and I especially appreciate the batch status page, as I enjoy keeping track of the progress. Some projects are black holes that consume all the CPU you give them with no sense of progress. So, congratulations to this crew for providing that.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Orphaned processes on Windows (Message 1272)
Posted 4 May 2015 by MaynardVizzutti
Thanks for your response, and sorry for the delay in responding to you.

I have not been around this project long enough to know whether it's an ongoing thing (since 11-APR), but I noticed three instances within a couple hours of each other, on the day of my original post.

Since that time, I have seen no further occurrences. If there are some information-gathering steps you can recommend, I'll be happy to do that if another case should occur.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Orphaned processes on Windows (Message 1267)
Posted 26 Apr 2015 by MaynardVizzutti
I've had a few workunits that get to around 86% then apparently become disconnected somehow: BOINC continues to show accumulated "Elapsed" time, but the progress percent never moves again. The Windows process isn't doing any work and never gets destroyed. Suspending the task with "leave in memory" disabled, then resuming allows the work to continue next time it gets scheduled, but with a new instance of GetDecics_2.00_windows_intelx86 *32. The old orphaned process continues to sit around.

Presumably the new instance picks up at the last checkpoint.

I believe task 10600400 is an example, but I'm not absolutely sure which tasks went with the problem.

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