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Posted 7 Aug 2012 by Profile matszpk
I can perform optimizations for your project applications. I created succcessfully optimized version of the Primegrid applications (including vector optimizations) and Milkyway@Home. All applications have special optimizations for ARM processors (I created all optimized ports of the apps).
I am ready for next challenge. If you want, please sent to me source codes of your application.
Thanks for cooperation.
My contact:
2) Message boards : Number crunching : New platform for BOINC (Android) (Message 703)
Posted 6 Aug 2012 by Profile matszpk
Dear Administrators and Programmers of the Project.

I wrote new port of BOINC for Android OS. It is called as NativeBOINC and available at
(and source code available at
Currently, I rewrote 5 port of applications:
Primegrid Cullen/Woodall Sieve (gcwsieve)
Primegrid The Riesel Problem Sieve (sr2sieve)
Enigma@Home (unfortunatelly this project are shutdown)
WUProp@Home Data collect v3

I encourage you to rewrite your application to new BOINC platform (Android)
for BOINC community. I believe that it can help to popularize my and your project.
BOINC API for these platform available at, and you can use it during rewriting
your applications.

Some notes for programmers: unfortunatelly ARM processors are slow and has problems
with FPU operations. Heavy (mainly FPU) operations needs real optimizations in assembly to reach
acceptable performance.

More info about my project in: - NativeBOINC Wiki - Boinc@Poland category about NativeBOINC - Czech National Team thread - BOINC forum thread - milkyway forum thread - about idea and notes about NativeBOINC

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