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Posted 6 Apr 2019 by UBT - Timbo

So the new plan is as follows:
1. Deploy new cpu executables. Since it's 10x faster, I will need to drop the credit by a factor of 10. (Credits/hour will remain the same for the cpu but will obviously drop for the GPU)


In the past, I think that the NumberFields tasks took my PCs about 4 hours to complete and from my notes a while back the fixed credits were about 370 per completed task - so that's about 1.5 credits per minute.(I can't see any of my old results on the project so I'm not 100% sure of this).

Using the v3.0 CPU app, the 2 PCs I've run Numberfields on (since last night) are earning at around 0.667 and 0.835 credits per minute (respectively).

Am I using the wrong "old" data and making an incorrect assumption that the credits per hour are now less than the v2.x app? If so, then that would be a shame.

On the other hand, I do hope your server(s) can cope with the increased number of tasks being downloaded as well as more frequent uploads being made.


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