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Posted 9 Dec 2020 by Megacruncher TSBT
Thank you both.

When I say "asking for a friend", it is accurate in this case as I am looking after some systems in Australia remotely.

All I can tell from here is that a full thread-count of CPU apps causes frequent crashes of either the boinc-client or the whole system. I can see it is not caused by RAM-usage then as they run Gerasim / odlk1 etc on all threads without problems.

Could it maybe be heat? Would you say the new app runs any hotter than the old numberfields cpu app. I am seeing problems on at least 6 different machines which have been stable for many weeks before we switched to NF. It is mid-summer in Australia so I imagine ambient is 30degs C or more

ETA: Ooops - posted from wrong account. This reply is also from davidBAM

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