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Posted 25 Apr 2014 by Profile Crunch3r
Hi Crunch3r,

please read the PM I´ve written to you. ;)

Pari has an compilation problem, they can´t fix it. This problem is only at Windows OS. I don´t know, if an GPU-App would run with an Pari libary.

Yes, that's caused by some stupid pointer arithmetic...
Ten years ago that was a common issue, but the NumberFields app tops it,with what i'd call "code retards in practice"....

Anyway, i have not had the time to fix this garbage code(getting rid of the pari crap etc.)...

Had to fix DistRTGens OCL MD5 code for my own AMD GPUs first...(Yes, credits matter to me!!! Fuck yourself, science whores!!!)

Soooooo... to be continued.
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Posted 12 Apr 2014 by Profile Crunch3r
Hi all,

I was today an the Hannover Fair 2014. I meet some interesting persons, I´ll explain it on a single thread. ;)

To the GPU_App:

We all know, MATLAB supports GPU_Computing and Pari not. [Thats the problem...]
We only need an little part from the MATLAB-programm, the mathematical part. With look I´ll become an one-year-testing-lizenz for COMSOL.
[COSMOL is an physical_mathematical computing programm; one lizenz costs ~50.000€] COMSOL is written in C++ and a little bit Java. [I understand C++] I can copy the code and write an single version.

Some other ways? Yes. Using "R". [An spezial programming language] No experince about "R", but I have an open-source programm for "R". [I don´t know who to programm it...]

Thats just some small informations. My test-version will come in 2-3 weeks. ;)


I don't care about Pari NOR MATLAB at ALL!
I just need the source code of the cpu app that's all..

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Posted 8 Apr 2014 by Profile Crunch3r
... A while back, one of our volunteers (Erno) got something that worked but it offered little speed improvement. ...

How about realeasing the apps source for the CPU app ?
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Posted 22 Mar 2012 by Profile Crunch3r

well, at least GMP-ECM has a working CUDA-branch, you don't happen to be using that lib?

primegrid recently started a world-record hunt for Generalized Fermat-primes using CUDA-apps. current runtimes are up into several days on fastest GPU's, but would take months most likely on current high-end CPU's.

that app allready owns the top 4 spots. ;)

No, we need the standard GMP. And even if GMP had cuda support, we still have the pari/gp library to deal with. We use pari for computing integral bases, checking irreducibility, computing field discriminants, and also factoring large integers. It's a large amount of code that would need to be "cudified". It would be a fun undertaking, if only I had the time.

Well... i'm not sure why you don't upload a copy of the code somewhere for users to have a look at it. Maybe one will have time to look at it an port it to use a GPU.

Actually, since you're using GPL'ed GMP and PARI, you'll have to release your source code upone request (cosider this post a request ;) ), or otherwhise you're violating GPL.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : open source? (Message 394)
Posted 23 Nov 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
I Love OpenSource..

Yeah, me too. ;)

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