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Posted 11 Aug 2022 by Sesson
I'm still looking forward to your future publications on current search. The cost of a publication may be way more than a new hard drive. So will we continue the project without the possibility to publish our results? Or better show the university that this project needs more funding by publishing our results and hopefully attract some grants. NFS@home said disk storage is cheap now. I don't want to see Numberfields@home being stopped by this.
2) Message boards : News : Batch plan (Message 3215)
Posted 28 Jan 2022 by Sesson
We are taking a break from subfield 3 and resuming the search over subfield 6.

The main reason for this is we have not found anything new in about 6 months. It's hard to put a percentage on it, but I am 99.99% confident that this search over sf3 is complete. It seems resources would be better spent on a search that will actually find new fields.

We can always finish sf3 at a later time, if for no other reason than to say it is complete with 100% confidence.

In my opinion it is either 100% complete with 100% confidence, or mathematically incomplete. If there actually isn't anything more to discover, that means we set a bound that is too loose, which could be interesting to investigate.

I also want to ask a question. Are there any peer-reviewed publications/grants/awards/anything related to NumberFields@home 2019-2022? If we kept finding nothing, using the resources more wisely can be a great idea.

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