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Message 2671 - Posted: 3 Mar 2020, 5:32:09 UTC

Wet Dry vacuum cleaners are a great tool, which in many situations, can make the cleanup task a breeze. As its name suggests, they are designed for cleaning liquid spills besides traditional solid dirt and dust.

Due to this special purpose, they require different usage and maintenance tips, even for high-rated vacuum cleaners. For anyone who's not familiar with them, try to remember the following tips and recommendations.

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Empty it

Though a wet/dry vacuum can deal with both wet and dry messes, we don't recommend you leave water or any type of liquid in it after use.

Empty the drum completely before filing it again. If there is still water, use your rag to wipe it out. And remember to dump any dry debris into a trash bin.

Check the filter

When cleaning dry surfaces with a wet/dry vacuum, make sure that the filter is properly placed, a tip that will come in handy later. It can prevent dust and dirt from blowing out in the middle of the cleanup process.

However, on wet floors, you should remove this filter completely since water, and other liquids may damage it, or even ruin the entire vacuum when it sucks up water before you remove the filter.

Use the suitable attachment

Each vacuum accessory or attachment from the best vacuum brands has its own purpose.

The ones laying flat on the floor will improve the wet floors cleaning results, while bigger attachments can save time when you clean a large amount of debris. When you need to deal with pet hair or nooks and crannies, try to use a compatible brush roll attachment.

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Empty the dirt bin

You'll be surprised by the number of people who forget to empty the bin after cleaning. The mess sitting in a wet/dry vacuum may prevent it from operating optimally.

Before taking the vacuum back to storage, dump any dry debris to a trash bin. And if there is water filling the drum, remove the top first, then carry the machine outside where you can dump the water. Finally, you can place back the filter before storing the machine.

Clean it regularly

It is a cleaning tool, but it also needs to be cleaned as well.

As with any machine that keeps water, there is chance mildew grows in it. Try to scrub it at least once every few weeks to make sure your wet/dry vacuum is always in the best condition. Use warm water and dish soap, and ensure you get into all the corners.

Vacuum only water

Yes, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to clean up any type of spill, but this does not mean always doing so is recommended.

Take cleaning spilled milk as an example. First, you need to take your vacuum out, remove its filter, plug the attachment in, clean the mess, dump it all out, and finally clean the entire vacuum thoroughly again.

It's really not worth it. Instead, just stick to traditional methods like paper towels.


Even The Best Vacuum Cleaner in the world needs proper care.

If you want to extend the lifespan of this special type of vacuum cleaner to its utmost, you must know extra steps to take care of it. As a result, you now have an incredible tool in your hand to face any spills in your house.
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