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Message 2097 - Posted: 9 Sep 2018, 15:15:41 UTC

The septic app is now officially complete. The final tally of results are as follows:
    Inspected 38136713961009 polynomials.
    # Polys passing field disc test = 36163948.
    # Polys after refinement = 1009140.
    Elapsed Time (summed over all clients) = 3.31043e+07 hours

The key piece of information here is that there are 1,009,140 septic fields with discriminant less than 200E6. We have these fields available as a text file to anyone who might be interested. They will also be added to the numberfields database:

We plan on submitting these results (with a more detailed discussion) in the form of a journal article. I will report back here with details of that as I get more information.

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Message boards : News : Septic App Complete

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