NumberFields@home - Badges

As in other boinc projects, badges are to acknowledge the contributions of volunteers.

NumberFields@home has 7 levels of badges, summarized in the table below.

Badge Icon Badge Name Credit Level
Bronze Medal 10k
Silver Medal 100k
Gold Medal 500k
Sapphire Badge 1m
Ruby Badge 10m
Emerald Badge 50m
Diamond Badge 100m

In addition, we also offer 2 heavy weight championship belts, one for RAC and the other for Total credit.
There are a pair of belts for both users and teams (4 total).
The user/team with the highest credit as of 12 AM Arizona time (7AM UTC) will be crowned the new champion for the next day.

Belt Icon Belt Name Criteria
Heavyweight Title Belt for RAC Top user/team for RAC (last 24 hours)
Heavyweight Title Belt for Total Credit Top user/team for Total Credit (last 24 hours)

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