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Subfield 27 of 49 complete
With 99.9% of the WUs finished, subfield 27 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 28, the one with discriminant 73. Thanks! 20 May 2015, 2:15:00 UTC · Comment

Subfield 26 of 49 complete
With only a handful of WUs left, we can consider subfield 26 complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 27, the one with discriminant 76. Thanks! 22 Feb 2015, 7:15:36 UTC · Comment

Subfield 25 of 49 complete.
I just realized I forgot to officially report the completion of subfield 25; it finished about 2 weeks ago.

We are currently crunching on subfields 26 and 27. Note that we started subfield 26 first because the WU generator had those ready first and the bounded app was desperate for new work.

Thanks everyone!
25 Oct 2014, 1:52:01 UTC · Comment

Modification to bounded app
With the latest subfield (#25) nearing completion, the algorithm moves into a new phase, where it is more efficient to not target the field discriminant. This required no change to the app, but due to WU timing issues, a small change was made to the WU generator (it is now breaking data up into finer pieces). This required a small change to the app interface. I also upgraded to the latest versions of the boinc and pari libraries. Some modifications were also made to the checkpointing and progress meter (finer resolution).

Why am I telling you all this? Because you will be getting a "new" bounded app. It has been thoroughly tested over the last several weeks, but please report anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!
29 Sep 2014, 16:52:29 UTC · Comment

Subfield 24 of 49 complete.
With only a couple hundred WUs left, we can consider subfield 24 complete. That puts us at about the halfway point through the entire search (total of 49 subfields).

The bounded search has moved on to subfield 25, the one with discriminant 85. Thanks!
13 Sep 2014, 16:07:10 UTC · Comment

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