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Subfield 28 of 49 Complete
With 99.9% of the WUs finished, subfield 28 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 29, the one with discriminant 69. Thanks! 24 Jul 2015, 6:40:26 UTC · Comment

Abort WUs if using old apps
I would suggest aborting any WUs that are still using the old app versions. There's a small bug in the older versions that can cause some WUs to get "stuck" after restarting from a check-point. This was only affecting the windows version. The newer apps have been out for over a week, but some users have a large work queue, and may not have picked up the newer versions.

Here are the latest app versions:
GD: 2.07
GBD: 3.05
5 Jul 2015, 21:18:43 UTC · Comment

Upgraded Apps
Both the GD and GBD apps have been upgraded to the latest stable PARI version. 29 Jun 2015, 2:17:54 UTC · Comment

Attention Mac Users
For all Mac users: the NumberFields@home apps require Mac OS X version 12.0.0 or higher (Mountain Lion).

For more information, see this thread:

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!
22 Jun 2015, 15:50:00 UTC · Comment

New GD apps
I upgraded the GetDecics apps several hours ago in preparation for a slight change to the WU data format. Your client should automatically pick up the change.

Even after extensive testing, it appears that the 32 bit windows app is failing for some users. The "32 bit" app is working on my 64 bit windows machine, so I suspect it's not a true 32 bit app. I am currently looking into this.
8 Jun 2015, 3:44:31 UTC · Comment

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