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Subfield 21 of 49 complete.
Subfield 21 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 22, the one with discriminant 92. Thanks! 31 May 2014, 16:45:41 UTC · Comment

Latest decic results uploaded
The decic search over Q(√5) is officially complete and the results have been consolidated and uploaded. This is a huge milestone! We have now completed 2 of the 7 quadratic base fields.

For those interested, here is your link:
(2nd table, 9th row)
4 May 2014, 22:35:01 UTC · Comment

Server upgrade this Wed
Just a heads up... we will be taking the server down for about 4 to 6 hours on Wed starting at 8am (AZ time). This is to upgrade the OS to the latest version of Ubuntu.
22 Apr 2014, 15:21:46 UTC · Comment

2nd decic search almost complete
The last of the WUs have been sent out and we are just waiting for them to be returned. We will post the consolidated results in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we have started issuing WUs for the next decic search, the one over Q(√2). Thanks!
17 Apr 2014, 7:09:57 UTC · Comment

10% left to go...
The decic search over the 2nd subfield Q(√5), is in the final stretch with only 10% left to go. Good job everyone!
29 Mar 2014, 22:57:32 UTC · Comment

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